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Wusthof Classic Ikon Cook’s Knife Review

Wusthof is a family owned company located in The Cutlery Capital of the World, Solingen Germany, the Wusthof factory history goes back as far as 1814. Wusthof  has made a name for itself by focusing almost solely on the manufacturing of forged knives for the professional chef and home cooking enthusiast. Wusthof uses a special blend of German steel that is etched on each blade and each blade is precisely tempered. This tempering allows the knife to hold its edge for an extremely long time. The unique compound angle is not seen in many knives. This angle tapers from the spine of the knife to the edge to allow for a sturdy, yet extremely sharp edge while it also tapers from the bolster to the tip to give the knife strength as well as flexibility.

When I started working in fine dining kitchens you only saw two brands of knives being used by the chefs, Henkles and Wusthof. I remember getting my first knife set, the Wusthof  Grand Prix II. I opted for Grand Prix at that time because of its ergonomically designed handle. Anyone who has spent hours in the kitchen prepping will appreciate that.


Wusthof Classic Ikon Cook's Knife

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The newer Wusthof Classic Ikon line is a combination of the standard three rivet chef’s knife and the Grand Prix II. Aesthetically, the new design is more pleasing, and has modern, flowing lines. Also, the tang extends all the way to the bottom of the handle, ending in a sleek metal cap. Where as the Grand Prix II has a lighter handle, extending the tang creates a more balanced knife in the Ikon. The bolster is much thinner, making the knife easier to sharpen. The forward partial bolster is designed so you can sharpen the complete length of the blade. This bolster is also curved inwards to allow your fingers greater control while holding the knife by the blade. Out of the box, the Ikon is very sharp. A few swipes on the sharpening steel makes it even better.

This is a great update on the Classic line. It sells for a little more than the other Wusthof  knives but it is well worth it.


  • Versatile, workhorse 8-inch cook’s knife, ideal for slicing, mincing, and dicing all kinds of food
  • Precision forged from single piece of high-carbon German stainless steel; laser-controlled and tested cutting edge
  • Double bolsters provide heft and balance for effortless cutting; full tang extends through the handle
  • Triple-riveted black handle with innovative contoured design for comfortable, secure grip
  • Hand washing recommended; backed by limited lifetime warranty; made in Germany

Watch this great video on how Wusthof Knives are made

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